Dr. Scott M. Behringer is a Marquette University graduate with over 30 years of experience practicing dentistry in the lakeshore area.

Dr. Behringer has been innovative in aesthetic smile makeovers and has provided dramatic, durable results in over 5,000 cosmetic cases. Written testimonials regarding these and other aspects of the Smile Clinic team care and incredible services and available upon request.

The Smile Clinic team understands the importance of continued education to stay abreast of modern dentistry’s technological advancements. Our special interests include whitening, veneers, sedation dentistry, CEREC procedures (computer designed same day crowns and fillings), and painless root canal therapy.

The Smile Clinic teams personal standards for patients start with establishing a relationship of communication and gentle care. They treat each person with the same excellent service and respect as if it were their own mouth.

Dr. Behringer is a member of the American Dental Association, Wisconsin Dental Association, Manitowoc-Calumet County Dental Association, D.O.C.S (Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation), Academy of Computerized Dentistry, and Lord’s Dental Laboratory Advisory Council.



Video Testimonials

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Smile Makeovers

Nothing expresses your presence like a smile. Crowded, crooked, or discolored teeth can be transformed conservatively to achieve spectacular but natural results.   

Same Day Crowns (CEREC)

One of our favorite services we offer is the CEREC same day crown. No more messy impressions, no wearing temporary crown, and no second appointment. A porcelain restoration is custom made in minutes using Cad-Cam technology. The results are dazzling!


Sedation Dentistry


Many people have avoided the dental office for many years due to fear or time constraints. When they do come in, they do not want to be faced with multiple appointments. The Smile Clinic technology and the help of a small sedative pill can comfortably correct years of dental problems in just one visit is an unbelievable and dramatic transformation. Most patients remember little or none of the treatment and experience an incredible healing response.

Teeth Whitening

The truth is, white teeth are more than just attractive; they can actually boost your confidence and help you both professionally and socially.
Coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes – they can all contribute to stained, discolored teeth. Unfortunately, even growing older can dim the brightness of your smile. While many over-the-counter bleaching products promise to whiten teeth, they can’t match the results that Dr. Scott Behringer can deliver. Professional teeth whitening at Smile Clinic, S.C. effectively treats discolored and aging teeth through proven techniques